Oct 2013
Filming for documentary One Speed, One
, which will take us to Vietnam and
China. Watch this space!

July 2013
We were hired by agency The Workshop to
work with them on a video for the RNLI.

June 2013
Filming cycling sequences for Epic Morocco
in the Atlas Mountains.

May 2013
Filming for Atum Studios on video for manufacturer Olicana.

Nov 2012
We head to Poland to interview Marta
Kaczynska, the former president's

May 2012
Interviews in Paris with Canadian musician
Chilly Gonzales and hip-hop artist Zoxea
for Talking Machines.

Nov 2011
Over to NYC for interviews with crank-up
phonograph DJs for Talking Machines.

Jul 2010
Spectacular news: our film was screened
for Prince Charles at the 25th Anniversary
BITC gala dinner
, hosted by Stephen Fry,
at the Royal Albert Hall in London.
film was shown at the UK premiere of
In Expectation of the Thaw.

Jun 2010
DVD created for a team of outstanding
young footballers - Greenhill JFC.

Jun 2010
Producing DVD of concerts by Down 'n'
Outz (Def Leppard) at Sheffield City Hall
and London Apollo.

Jun 2010
Music video produced with Lee Ford for
Def Leppard spin-off Down 'n' Outz and
screened on MTV and other US channels.

Shot in Sheffield, it features The Kiss,
Alice Cooper and Lloyd Grossman in
cameo appearances.

May 2010
Filmed for One-to-One Productions in
Wakefield, at a Healthy Lifestyles event sponsored by the NHS.

May 2010
Working with Atum Studios on a
corporate advertisement for Morphy

Apr 2010
music video for Junkstar,
which they are taking to MTV US.

Apr 2010
Filmed at Unilever's headoffice with
Fantasic Media, for a corporate DVD
to be screened at a conference
in India.

Jan 2010
A DVD of a ground-breaking Sheffield collaboration between industry and the
arts is currently in post production: George Orwell's 1984, performed by the Open Door Theatre Company, in a Brightside factory
provided by engineering firm Ekspan Ltd.

Nov 2009
Bison Grass are producers for 16mm
dance animation short Salt. We work on
shoot in Norfolk, create their website
and shoot a behind-the-scenes

Nov 2009
Lucas was in Brighton to film three
holocaust survivors for Swedish director
Ric Wasserman's documentary Back from
the Brink

Oct 2009
Some cinematography for the second
part of Eve Wood's film The Beat is the
, to be screened on Sky ARTS in
November 2010.

Oct 2009
Filmed speakers at annual conference
of Epilepsy Research UK.
Produced a
DVD and a streaming version of the
video for their website.

Sep 2009
Further filming for an advertisement and
DVD for Peter's Shoes a chain of shops specializing in traditional, handmade
English shoes.

Aug 2009
Documentary exploring cylinder wax
records and phonographs, among the very earliest methods for capturing and playing
back sounds, is in production featuring
expert Duncan Miller and other artists and devotees from around the globe.

Jul 2009
We are pleased to hear that Sharrow Voices, filmed for The Sharrow Partnership, came
in for "a great many plaudits" at their conference. Sharrow Partnership leader
Dave Whitfield said, "You managed to fulfil
the brief (not easy when it's only half a
concept), while bringing your own personal
flair to the commission."

Jul 2009
One-to-One Productions contracts us to film
events in an ex-mining community that
is now seeing regeneration.

Jun 2009
Our chief cinematographer and creative
Lucas Jedrzejak, takes on the role of
Director of Photography on Distractions, a
short film directed by Paul Huber and shot
on location in Leeds.

May 2009
Seddon Dooleo commission BGF to create
a second music video.

May 2009
Advertisement shot for The Workshop,
leading design agency, to form part of a
government information campaign.

May 2009
For the second time, BGF films Miller's
Modern Music Hall at the Lantern Theatre.

Apr 2009
Minibus driver training video filmed and
edited for MiDAS, national safety awareness scheme for the 10,000 community
transport drivers across the UK. Project
funded by Hampshire County Council.

Feb 2009
Filming at Metallica concert at Sheffield
Hallam Arena for launch of their new
Guitar Hero game

Jan 2009
The New Year sees BGF in Tampere, Finland
for the premiere of In Expectation of the
by Rhett Brewer at the prestigous
Tampere Hall. Our specially created series
of films, featuring footage shot in the Finnish
Arctic, is projected on giant screens behind
the Tampere Philharmonic Orchestra. We
also film the event for Black Ice Productions.

Oct 2008
New Era Aquaculture, specialists in
providing large-scale aquarium installations, received their promo ahead of a marketing initiative in Dubai.

Aug 2008
We have created a trailer promo for
Hydratight, subsea specialists and suppliers
to the oil and gas industries

Aug 2008
Bison Grass was asked to film interviews
with Jarvis Cocker and Richard Hawley.

Aug 2008
Bison Grass Films shot a music video for
80s pop stars the Rhythm Sisters.

Aug 2008
We filmed a recording session for
Mephisto Sheiks at Yellow Arch Studios.

Jul 2008
Bison Grass was asked by the Fruitbowl,
a Sheffield LGB youth group, to produce
a DVD featuring a theatrical piece they
have been working on.

Mar 2008
North of the Arctic Circle, Bison Grass
Films shot a corporate video for Scandi-
navian Adventures' four-stroke engine
Yamaha skidoos using helicopters
for aerial shots.

Jan 2008
Bison Grass Films was in the Arctic to film
preliminary footage for In Expectation of
the Thaw
, a Black Ice Productions project
featuring ice sculptor Jamie Hamilton
and composer/vocalist Rhett Brewer.

Dec 2007
In Las Vegas to film the preparations for
the big fight between Ricky Hatton and
Floyd Mayweather Jnr.

Nov 2007
Filmed at the 2007 Sheffield International Documentary Film Festival and created a promotional video for its organizers.

Nov 2007
JVC kindly provided two of their latest
high-definition cameras on loan to Bison
Grass Films.

Nov 2007
Filmed Bonfire Night Party, with many
live bands, for Burngreave NDfC.

Oct 2007
Scheduled shooting of two music videos
in Spain.

Oct 2007
In discussion with JazzCotech Dancers
about making a corporate video for the
Jazz Cafe in Camden, London.

Sep 2007
Filmed HD music video for up-and-coming
female rap artist Saranity.

Sep 2007
Shot a corporate video for Peter's Shoes,
the upmarket brogues and boots makers.

Sep 2007
Filmed the Rev Jesse Jackson's "Equanomics"
tour of the UK (the former first black US
dential candidate).

Sep 2007
Made a corporate video for Connexions,
the UK-wide organization providing
information and advice for young people .

15 August 2007
Started filming documentary about Billy
"The Preacher" Graham and his boxing
protogee, undefeated world champion
Ricky Hatton.

23 July 2007

Filmed for Tesco at its new Sheffield store.

30 June 2007
Premiere at Curzon Soho of "Speechless",
a music video made for The Thin Man.

23 June 2007
Corporate video for Carphone Warehouse.

15 March 2007
Commissioned by Burngreave NDfC to
produce documentary style video of its
£52-million, 10-year regeneration scheme.